Saor Patrol Ultimate Collection

Saor Patrol Ultimate Collection
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Artist:  Saor Patrol
Title:  Saor Patrol Ultimate Collection
Format: CD, DVD, LP

The Stomp - Scottish Pipes & Drums UntamedThe Stomp - Scottish Pipes & Drums Untamed
Two Headed Dog - Duncarron ElectricTwo Headed Dog - Duncarron Electric
Open Air AsylumOpen Air Asylum
Aftermath - The BalladsAftermath - The Ballads
Highlander - Outlander UnpluggedHighlander - Outlander Unplugged
XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol.1XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol.1
XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol. 2XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol. 2
Battle of KingsBattle of Kings
Folk 'n' RockFolk 'n' Rock

"WARNING - don't feed the band!"

This collection is the 'die-hard' Saor Patrol fan's dream... The complete collection of all 10 albums + their DVD including backstage footage with the band + "Outlander" on vinyl:

The Stomp - Scottish Pipes & Drums Untamed: Saor Patrol's wild and untamed pipes and drums launch their audience into a tribal, turbulent era and rebellious times of Braveheart and indomitable Scottish spirit…

Duncarron: Overlooking the gateway to the Scottish highlands Duncarron Fort stands proud on a hillside. Stir the clans within and feel the pounding pulse of the drums and the untamed power of the pipes…

Two Headed Dog - Duncarron Electric: This is the hard rock version of Saor Patrol’s album “Duncarron” (not all songs are the same)!

Outlander: This album gives an insight into the passion and emotions of the band, it has to be their most interesting accomplishment to date.

Outlander (LP): the album on vinyl.

Highlander - Outlander Unplugged: The original roots of Saor Patrol’s music - a brand new recording in the sound and raw fluid style of the early days without the electric guitar.

Open Air Asylum: Recorded live at the Medieval Festival (“Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum”) in Cologne, Germany, this album captures the energy and sheer power and impact of the band!

Early Years: Saor Patrol’s early years, a combination of their hugely successful albums Esspee and Black Bull

Aftermath - The Ballads: These songs are a reflection of the band’s experiences and emotions through the years. Joy, sorrow, loss, broken hearts, recovery and peace within…

XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol.1: An album “… full of heart, passion and an irresistible beat …” (R2 Rock ‘n’ Reel)

XV - 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx Vol. 2: Sound and beats of old, now bolstered by their new drums battery and the heavy guitar sound and the melodic strings of the acoustic guitar complementing the bagpipes.

Folk 'n' Rock (DVD): Filmed over a couple of years, this DVD presents Saor Patrol’s powerful performances on stages around the world (and backstage glimpses), as well as the full scope of their cultural and educational activities including the fortified medieval village of Duncarron they built over the last one-and-a-half decades.

Battle of Kings: A passionate album by Saor Patrol. The theme of the album is about the Scottish King Robert the Bruce, his struggle to become king and his fight for freedom for the Scots.

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